Licensing Requests

To quote a licensing fee I will need specific details regarding how an image is to be used.  This should include the following elements:
-- intended use...cover photo, advertising, editorial, etc.
-- medium...brochure, text book, magazine,  postcards, calendar, annual report, wall display, etc.
-- print many copies of the product will be produced
-- rights...regional/domestic/worldwide, nonexclusive/first/exclusive, etc.
-- time period...six months, three years, one time, etc.
-- delivery method...duplicate film, original film, digital file (specify requirements, see below), drum scan, etc.

Image Format and Delivery
All images shown on this site were created in JPEG format scanned at a resolution intended for WEB purposes (small file size to facilitate minimum download time).  As such, they are intended for informational purposes only and do not reflect the high quality of the actual image.

High resolution scanned images can be provided on ZIP disks (250Mb or 100Mb) or CDROM.  Among the formats available are JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, and GIF.  Images can also be provided in 70mm and 35mm duplicate transparencies.  Original images can also be provided, depending on licensing terms.

I encourage visitors to this WEB site to browse through my online inventory of images, but their use is not unrestricted and is NOT FREE.  They may not be copied, duplicated, modified or redistributed in whole or part without the prior written permission from Ken Howard Photography as all rights are reserved worldwide.  The entire content of this site, both text and images, are protected by international copyright.

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